Artist Statement

My paintings are objects whereby mystery parallels pictorial tensions that are methodically teased and tamed through the wielding of paint on linen and wooden substrates. As monuments of a collective domestic memory, props in the interior landscape embody presentiment. The fervency between the uninhibited background space and the sentient foreground object invites both stillness and chaos, while memory collisions create idealized vestiges and cultivate formal transitions. I seek to bridge the unreliable and layered nature of memory through form, line, and field. Scouring vintage Chicago department store catalogs and conducting online image research yield recognizable domestic furnishings, and a window into my ancestors’ consumer experience materializes. Online searches present the opportunity for a contemporary image excavation process, pushing the past into a future form, or perhaps inspiring the rendering of an object that can never be remembered exactly as it existed in real physical proximity, as evidenced by the fragmentation of the image of the furniture within the paintings. Our domestic environments are what shape us: mimesis, alterity, and the objectness of the object are threads of curiosity. I actively explore ancestral fables and the essence of memory through object reverence, found family photographs, and snapshots of domestic spaces. My process is inspired through craftsmanship and a dedication to the concepts of both epic and modest painting. Each work attempts to illuminate the inherent value of personal taste and ornamental fixtures within the domestic space, conjure the untranslatable nature of longing, and spur an amalgam of familial phantasms that a partially developed Polaroid often presents.