Lauren Ball
Artist Statement 2017

As monuments of a collective domestic memory, props in the interior landscape embody the past and presentiment. Rooted in the history of still life painting, my process begins with creating a still life prop, in itself a sculptural artifact with objects ranging from found photographs to scavenged materials. These objects form a still life that is a three-dimensional collage. Colors are then found, isolated and sampled through a painstaking process of mixing paint through observation and color matching. The paintings range from literal translations of the still lifes in carefully crafted paintings, to abstract paintings that reference the color, shape and patterning of the still life props. In recent paintings moving the furthest from their still life origins, these colors then re-emerge as abstract pour paintings. There is a tension between the choreographic paint mixing process derived from still life observation and the intuitive pouring process. Representing the incongruity of memory, some of the pour paintings become the surface for superimposed furniture silhouettes that include a glass coffee table, card table, and a curio cabinet. Imagery borders on the preternatural and underscores familial legacy while asserting color as a viable object.