Artist Statement

My work is a visual and narrative device whereby mystery parallels pictorial tensions that are methodically teased and tamed through the rhythmic wielding of shape and color. Lurking as immortal voyeurs, personified props in the landscape embody transcendental presentiment. Embracing the figurative landscape and domestic scene as stages that summon tradition and the surreal, my hand rests between restraint and experimentation, while memory collisions create idealized vestiges. Despite the chaos, a perceptual hierarchy is established and an automatic response to balance my aesthetic decisions results in the juxtaposition and layering of patterned spaces. With allegory as intervention, my work invokes familial relationships and an obsession with loss and power. I actively explore ancestral fables and the essence of memory, hindsight, and premonition in context; the process is inspired through craftsmanship and a dedication to the concepts of both epic and modest painting. Each work reveres an indulgence in the drama of intergenerationality as an emerging reflection, and an organic synthesis of the familial phantasms that a partially developed Polaroid often presents. Through monumental gestures, the narrative evokes a subliminal tale that is both ornate and edited to define a contemporary sensibility, while the imagery conjures the untranslatable nature of longing.