Artist Statement 2018

While the mountain grows, the old fireplace somehow still burns.

My painting looks back at me with shapes flickering at their edge, echoing their shifts between planes.

Full of omitted and redefined edges, the edge is the line, and the line is the journey.

I take photographs to stay outside of my house for now; I am unburdening the source.

Empty compartments and the implied figure take the stage. Seeing into empty spaces, I allow my hand to indulge my subconscious.

I leave it alone while everything is still burning. Gesture and illusion are pressing, so I work on one at a time (rose gold, orange, tan, grandmother’s jade).

Gloss glazes, blue-violet stripes, and the windmill-windowed front door near Lefferts and Rogers merge together.

Discovery happens when the neighborhood panorama becomes a modest portrait, and the modest portrait becomes a panorama.

Grape ravines stretch by beach house squares of sunshine. I am on the mountain within a cerulean rectangle, and then beneath the ground through a turnstile in eggplant and dusty pink shadows.

Grounded once again, I search for the ultimate view and someplace new.

-Lauren Ball